PHP Fatal Error Fix: Can’t use method return value in write context

Jan 09, 2011 Author: Dr_ViRuS
PHP Fatal Error Fix: Can’t use method return value in write context. Very nice error in very bad moment but very very logical error. When i got this error in my code i was confused

Matching variables and DB columns

Jan 07, 2011 Author: Dusan
One frequent use for PHP objects in database-driven systems is as a wrapper around the entire database API. The theory is that the wrapper insulates the code from the specific database system, which will…

Sleeping and waking up in PHP

Dec 01, 2010 Author: Dusan
PHP provides a hook mechanism so that objects can specify what should happen just before serialization and just after unserialization. The special member function __sleep() (that’s two underscores before…

Serialization of data in PHP

Nov 28, 2010 Author: LinuxAdmin
Serialization of data means converting it into a string of bytes in such a way that you can produce the original data again from the string (via a process known, unsurprisingly, as unserialization). After…

Simulating method overloading

Nov 25, 2010 Author: GDchart-Master
One neat trick offered by some OOP languages (and not offered by PHP) is automatic overloading of member functions.