Creating a Screen Scraper

Dec 06, 2009 Author: vvaswani
A screen scraper program accesses a web page and picks through the HTML for interesting or useful data. Here's a very simple one that extracts all hyperlinks from a page and then categorizes them. This…

FireFox web development plugins

Nov 25, 2009 Author: City Hall
I want to share with you web development plugins for Mozilla Firefox. I will be short :) The most common plug-ins for Web Develop, in my view are: 1. Firebug - many things can be made by editing CSS directly…

PHP Web Crawler

Aug 25, 2009 Author: vvaswani
Web Crawler Hi, this is indicative of a bot script which indexes a Web site. Uses PHP and JavaScript (AJAX framework - mootools [version 1.2 +]).