Using PEAR

Dec 07, 2009 Author: City Hall
In the following sections you will learn how to use PEAR to find and install packages on a system, and you'll learn how to submit your own projects for consideration as PEAR packages.

Using foreach to print a list of array

Sep 24, 2009 Author: christina
The first example involves using foreach to print a list of array elementsalong with their numeric index.

Using date and time

Aug 21, 2009 Author: Developer
Fourteen-digit number from the type timestamp in Mysql date and time recorded in the following format the first four number presenting the year, and each paragraph numbers are next month, days, hours…

PHP GD How to center a text on an image using GD

Dec 10, 2008 Author: christina
This is a snippet which centers a text on an image using the GD Library. First, we create the image using the ImageCreate() function. Here we set the width & height.