Data Protection in PHP

Nov 12, 2010 Author: City Hall
The reason to use classes is that they provide data protection; that is, classes prevent a programmer from making logic errors in dealing with complex data structures.

PHP Login script

Nov 10, 2010 Author: LinuxAdmin
This is a sophisticated PHP Login script. In this Login script we are going to create one database table called members. Than we create php file called main_login.php that would be the form where to put…

SQL Protection of injecting in PHP applications II

Dec 12, 2008 Author: City Hall
How to prevent SQL injection code? The first rule is: Never trust in the correctness of user data entered! It's easy to say a little more complicated to make. The easiest way to prevent SQL injections…

SQL Protection of injecting in PHP applications

Dec 12, 2008 Author: Spiderman
In these days all of us or very little affected by the development of information technology. Shopping, banking operations, even social contact ... Even if you do not want our personal data is kept in…