Data Protection in PHP

Nov 12, 2010 Author: City Hall
The reason to use classes is that they provide data protection; that is, classes prevent a programmer from making logic errors in dealing with complex data structures.

A Shopping Cart Class

Dec 01, 2009 Author: LinuxAdmin
First, we need to define the properties and behavior of a shopping cartclass. This shopping cart will be kept fairly simple for demonstration purposes,but will certainly be sufficient for use and expansion.

Creating a bank_account Class

Nov 06, 2009 Author: Developer
To demonstrate the use of a class, let's create one to model a bank account.

How many visitors browsing the site at the moment?

Sep 30, 2009 Author: Dr_ViRuS
In this tutorial will show you how to make a class that will show how many users browsing the site at the moment. First, how work this class and its function. For his realization normally need a Apache…

Class.php Constants

Jul 02, 2009 Author: Developer
Class constants work in the same way as regular constants, except they are scopedwithin a class. Class constants are public, and accessible from all scopes; for example,the following script will output…