Streams and Network Programming in PHP

Aug 25, 2009 Author: Developer
There are two types of streams. One group provides access to a certain type ofstream resource; the standard PHP distribution includes several built in examples ofthese:

Using date and time

Aug 21, 2009 Author: Developer
Fourteen-digit number from the type timestamp in Mysql date and time recorded in the following format the first four number presenting the year, and each paragraph numbers are next month, days, hours…

PHP Creating and processing forms with the help of arrays

Jan 14, 2009 Author: City Hall
In the first class have clsForm file which contains two methods for each display format displayRegisterForm () which will be shown by default when the page is loaded...

MYSQL Change Collation On All Tables And Columns In MySQL with Phoca Changing Collation Utility

Dec 11, 2008 Author: City Hall
I was working with lot of databases collated in latin1_swedish_ci lately. I needed to convert the structure to utf8 collation, but it was very time-consuming to convert all the tables and all the columns…