Visualforce Page Creation

We are a customer and have used the customer portal module to allow our customers to obtain information about the products they purchase.
We would like to have a custom visualforce page to be used as a tab within the customer portal.
The visual force page will need to dynamically display content based on who is logged in.
Using the current logged on user, the visualforce page will need to query and display the following elements:
Portal user's account
Then using the Account name/ID it will need to query and retrieve 3-4 fields from assets associated with the account.
Using this data the visual force page will use these parameters to concatenate some simple HTML with these values.
that is it for this first phase.. We have a second phase where we will use the portal user's role to control if the logged in user can see all assets for the account for which they are assigned or just assigned to the contact. That is not as important for this first go.
We requires someone who has done and visualforce page development and has either a portfolio example illustrating this work or a reference that can testify to the type of integration.
Requirements Interview Answers:
To help you bid more accurately, the employer was interviewed about the requirements for this project. Below are their answers.
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Project Type:
What kind of work do you need done?Software related (Includes desktop applications and internet websites)
Project Parts:
What do you want the worker to do on this project?
The worker will analyze the problem and propose a software-based solution to the problem.
The worker will take the requirements and translate them into the language of the computer (and test it).
User installation:
The installer will move the software from the place it was created (which is called the development or QC environment) to where you will use it (which is called the production environment). The installer then tests the software to make sure that the installation was done properly and completely.
Req. Doc. Type:
What kind of documentation do you want for this project?Informal documentation - As the employer talks back and forth about the project with the worker, those conversations become the requirements.Remember to communicate ALL of the details of your project on the site. If you don't, and there is a dispute, then important details of the contract will not be documented and cannot be taken into account in arbitration. If you feel you MUST go offsite (for example, using the phone or IM) then afterwards post everything onsite and get the other party to post that they agree to those contractual terms.
Program Type:
What kind of software should the worker create (and/or install)?An internet web-site: This software runs on a web server and users will access it using their internet browser.
Internet web-site info
Design and functionality:
What does the programming of this project involve?Program Functionality: Making the website "work".
Modeling another site:
Do you wish to model another site? No
Size of website:
How many pages need to be created/edited in this website?Exactly 1.
Programming Language:
What programming language(s) do you want your website written in?I do know the language(s).Languages(s):Other: APEX for force.comMisc. details: Visualforce uses APEX code to put together the functionality we require. There is likely additional programming to write queries to fetch the fields required to display on the visualforce page. For someone with these skills, this should be relatively easy.
Will this project include a database?No, it does not include a database.
Browser Type(s)/Version(s):
Which browser/version combinations must this website support?IE 8.0IE 7.0Safari 41
Server Hosting Environment:
What is your server hosting environment?I have a server at a 3rd party hosting company.The name of the hosting company is: salesforce.comThe server's shared/dedicated status is: Dedicated just to me.Component Compatibility Protection:Sometimes a worker may create features on the website that rely on componentswhich work fine on their own server, but won't work with your 3rd party hosting company's server. There are many reasons for this including version incompatibility, restricted permissions, etc... normally requires that the worker verify in advance that your 3rd party hosting provider will support the components.  If they do not, then they are responsible for any incompatibilities, rather than you. Do you want this protection on your project?No, I will be responsible for any components of the final solution that do not work with my hosting company.
Server Hosting Environment:
Will the worker develop "live" on your server?Other / not sure/ or need advice. Details: We have a developer sandbox
Physical installation:
Who will perform the physical installation?The worker will perform the physical installation, and will be given all necessary permissions to do so.
1) I require complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done (so that I may modify it in the future).
2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables):
2b) Any website server-side deliverables must be installed by the worker in ready-to-run condition in the employer's environment.
2c) Any website server-side deliverables must be provided with complete instructions and assistance so that the employer may install them in ready-to-run condition in the employer's environment.
2d) Any website server-side deliverables must be installed as described elsewhere by the employer.
2e) If there are any server-side deliverables (intended to only exist in one place in the employer's environment) then they must be installed by the worker in ready-to-run condition (unless specified elsewhere by the employer).
2f) All other software (including but not limited to any desktop software or software the employer intends to distribute) must include a software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified in this project (unless specified elsewhere by the employer).
3) All deliverables will be considered 'work made for hire' under U.S. Copyright law. Employer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
3b) No part of the deliverable may contain any copyright restricted 3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the employer on the site per the worker's 'Worker Legal Agreement'.

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