PHP Numeric Data Types

Aug 14, 2009 Author: City Hall
PHP assigns a data type to each value and that the numeric data types are integer and double, for whole numbers.

Understanding NULLs

Aug 14, 2009 Author: Developer
The value NULL is a data type all to itselfa value that actually has no value. It has no numeric value, but comparing to an integer value zero evaluates to true

Running PHP on the Command Line part I

Aug 11, 2009 Author: Developer
Although PHP was conceived as a tool for creating dynamic web pages, because the PHP language is very powerful, it has also become popular for writing command scripts and even desktop programs.

PUT access to incoming data from PHP

Dec 10, 2008 Author: Developer
Recently I started to write REST request. I started in the usual manner, php script writing, calls with GET, enabling variables using superglobalnata variable PHP - $_GET. I wrote the code to grips POST…

PHP Syntax

Dec 03, 2008 Author: City Hall
A PHP file is basically a text file containing all the required PHP code to run a specific program. PHP code can be written with the use of a simple text editor, like Windows Notepad, or the more useful…