PHP Checking to See If a Users Browser Accepts Cookies

Dec 06, 2009 Author: dev99
To see if a browser accepts cookies, you must check in two distinct steps, in two distinct web requests. The client's browser must make two requests because the browser sets a cookie only when it gets…

Cross-Site Scripting

Sep 14, 2009 Author: Developer
Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the most common and best known kinds of attacks.The simplicity of this attack and the number of vulnerable applications inexistence make it very attractive tomalicious…

Spoofed Forms

Sep 11, 2009 Author: MYSQL Expert
A common method used by attackers is a spoofed form submission. There are variousways to spoof forms, the easiest of which is to simply copy a target form andexecute it from a different location.

Validation form Enforcing Required Fields

Aug 22, 2009 Author: Developer
The most basic type of form validation is to enforce that a particular field must contain a value. In the case of a text input that is submitted with no value entered, the element in $_POST is still created,…

Filter Input in PHP

Aug 21, 2009 Author: SQLmaster
Since all input is tainted and cannot be trusted, it is necessary to filter your input toensure that input received is input expected. To do this, use a whitelist approach, asdescribed earlier. As an…