PHP practical example using sessions with private content login system

Nov 09, 2010 Author: Dr_ViRuS
A few days ago the students of Faculty of Informatics in some place got a exam One of the tasks was to make a 3 pages. page3.php is private and should login with username and password. The structure of…

Generating Random Passwords

Aug 28, 2010 Author: Developer
Random (but difficult-to-guess) strings are important in user security. For example, if someone loses a password and you're using MD5 hashes, you won't be able to, nor should you want to, look it up.…

How to prevent hotlnik images from your site

Aug 28, 2010 Author: City Hall
This is an example of how to protect the site direct links to your images from another site. For example a web master can set the site with high traffic and loads directly from your server. What can lead…

PHP Safe Mode

Dec 07, 2009 Author: Developer
PHP's Safe Mode attempts to provide a degree of basic security in a shared environment, where multiple user accounts exist on a PHP-enabled web server. When a web server is running PHP in Safe Mode, some…

PHP Forcing a User to Use SSL-Encrypted Pages

Dec 06, 2009 Author: makedon
When handling credit card information, you want to guarantee that all card information always goes through an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection.