Aug 26, 2010 Author: Developer
The TRUNCATE statement allows us to delete all the rows from a table. TRUNCATE is faster than a DELETE statement because it works by dropping the table and re-creating it empty. One thing to bear in mind…

Compressing MyISAM Tables

Aug 26, 2010 Author: Developer
Although tables become static or dynamic without your specific request (but in response to your design decisions), tables are not automatically compressed. To compress a table, you need to use the command-line…

MyISAM Tables

Aug 26, 2010 Author: SQLmaster
Many people use MySQL for years without discovering that it offers different table types. These people are using MyISAM tables because this has been the default in all recent versions. MyISAM tables offer…

The grade_event Table

Sep 16, 2009 Author: MYSQL Expert
The grade_event table has this definition:

Replication Principles

Aug 16, 2009 Author: SQLmaster
Replication can take various forms. The MySQL implementation is a directional master-slave relationship. One server is called the master. One or more other servers are called slaves to a particular master.…