MYSQL import Database from UTF-8 file

Jan 17, 2009 Author: MYSQL Expert
We need to restore our backup we can do that with phpmyadmin, but there is big problem beacuse default upload file must be 2 mb . We have two soluotions to slove that problem.

MYSQL convert windows1251 into UTF-8 enconding procedure

Dec 17, 2008 Author: MYSQL Expert
We know that in MYSQL we can write procedures Here is one procudure for converting MYSQL data CP1251 encoding in UTF-8 encoding I hope this function will help you .

MYSQL Install on Linux

Dec 02, 2008 Author: City Hall
Depending on your Linux version and how recently you installed it, you will quite likely already have a version of MySQL on your system, but it is also very likely that you won't have the newest version.

Clearing Caches

Oct 31, 2008 Author: vvaswani
MySQL has a set of internal caches. These can be cleared using the FLUSH and RESET commands. For example, if we have updated user privileges by manually altering the grant tables, we can make sure that…

Setting the Root Password

Oct 31, 2008 Author: vvaswani
As you probably noticed when you logged in just now, you had to supply a username "root" but not a password. The initial installation of MySQL has no root password set. It's really important to set this…