Replicating Your Database

Aug 16, 2009 Author: City Hall
One of the advanced features included in MySQL is replication. Using this feature, you can have multiple servers storing the same data. You might do this for performance reasons, for reliability, or for…

MySQL Architectural Terminology

Aug 12, 2009 Author: MYSQL Expert
When you use MySQL, you're actually using at least two programs, because MySQL operatesusing a client/server architecture.The first program is the MySQL server, mysqld.


Jul 22, 2009 Author: SQLmaster
Like Perl, PHP is a scripting language. Unlike Perl, PHP is designed less as a general purposelanguage than as a language for writing Web applications.The PHP API is usedprimarily as a means of embedding…


Jul 09, 2009 Author: Developer
As the name implies, joins combine data from multiple tables to create a singlerecordset. Many applications use extremely complex joins to return recordsets ofdata spanning across many different tables.…

MySQL Finding months with data

Jul 08, 2009 Author: SQLmaster
I was started coding some small project blog. For project i needed one section archive