Matching variables and DB columns

Jan 07, 2011 Author: Dusan
One frequent use for PHP objects in database-driven systems is as a wrapper around the entire database API. The theory is that the wrapper insulates the code from the specific database system, which will…


Sep 05, 2010 Author: MYSQL Expert
base64_decode — Decodes data encoded with MIME base64

MySQL Deleting Anonymous Accounts security tip

Sep 04, 2010 Author: Developer
When you install MySQL on Windows, it automatically creates some accounts for you. On Linux, this happens when you run the mysql_install_db script. Two of these accounts are anonymous; they represent…

MySQL compiling and Linking for Speed

Sep 04, 2010 Author: MYSQL Expert
You may be able to get a performance improvement from your server by downloading the source version and compiling it yourself. Specifically, if you have a Pentium-based machine and run Linux, you will…

MySQL Creating Indexes

Aug 27, 2010 Author: Developer
Usually, you create all the indexes you need when you are creating tables. Any column declared as PRIMARY KEY, KEY, UNIQUE, or INDEX will be indexed. Sometimes you will find that you are running many…