Simple Search and Replace Operations

Jun 18, 2009 Author: SEO
Replacing portions of a string with a different substring is another very common task for PHP developers. Simple substitutions are performed using str_replace() (as wells its case-insensitive variation,…

Forms and URLs

Jun 15, 2009 Author: Developer
Most often, your script will interact with their clients using one of two HTTP methods:GET and POST. Froma technical perspective, the main difference between thesetwo methods is in the fact that the latter…

How the World Wide Web works

Jun 14, 2009 Author: City Hall
It's helpful to understand a little about how theWorld Wide Web (WWW) works. The Web is anetwork of computers that offer Web pages.

Using PHP for system commands

Jun 14, 2009 Author: SEO
PHP can interact with your operating system to perform any task the operatingsystem can perform. You can execute an operating system command andreceive the output. For example, you can execute a dir or…

Using PHP with your file system

Jun 14, 2009 Author: LinuxAdmin
PHP can interact with your file system the directories and files that are onyour local hard disk or on other computers accessible over a network. PHP canwrite into a file on your file system, creating…