Using while with a Counter

Oct 06, 2009 Author: strumica
A counter is used to associate a number with each execution of a loop. Mostof the time, this number simply increments from 0 or 1 to higher valuesuntil the loop finishes.

PHP Redirection

Aug 11, 2009 Author: Developer
To redirect a user from the page they entered to a different web page you can use a simple PHP script. One reason you may want to do this is that the page they are trying to access no longer exists. If…

A simple PHP script

Jul 23, 2009 Author: City Hall
If PHP provided only the capability of producing what is essentially static HTML bymeans of print statements, it wouldn't be very useful. PHP's power is that it generates dynamicpages: output that can…

Generic Formatting

Jun 18, 2009 Author: LinuxAdmin
If you are not handling numbers or currency values, you can use the printf() family of functions to perform arbitrary formatting of a value. All the functions in this group performin an essentially identical…

Formatting Currency Values

Jun 18, 2009 Author: Developer
Currency formatting, unlike number formatting, is locale aware and will display thecorrect currency symbol (either international or national notations e.g.: USD or $, respectively) depending on how your…