What is PHP

Mar 16, 2009 Author: Developer

PHP is coming from instruments Personal Home Page,

Developed in 1994 year from independent developer

Rasmus Lerdof. Improvements that he has made for

Tracking visitors on visited site is rised big interest for his work.

He developed PHP to scripting machine with interpretation on

Formulas and in 1996 he has public his project under name PHP-FI.

Developer from whole word start working on PHP-FI and was gave

New ideas for improvements since 1997 is publicized 50 000
web sites that using PHP-FI.

 1999 is public PHP 4 version who include Zend machine with

That improvement php is becoming multiplatform script language


Today PHP is OOP script language form web application and support

GTK for desktop applications


PHP is most used language for developing websites


Last version of PHP functionalities are

Functions for work with images, arrays, xml, sockets, data and time,

Math’s, compression, code and decode data, com and .net (Windows),

SOAP, using printer, and many more.

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