The foreach Statement

Oct 13, 2009 Author: LinuxAdmin

The foreach statement is similar to for in that it is basically a specializedform of the while loop. Foreach, however, unlike for, is to be used witharrays.Like for, foreach automatically performs a step for every repetition of the loop: It assigns the next value of an array to a temporary variable (similarto a counter).For example, foreach could be used to sum all of the numbers in an array.The syntax for the foreach loop is as follows:

foreach (array as value)
code to repeat
In this example, we'll use foreach to print each element of anarray. We 'll step through the array using foreach as discussed previously, printing each element as we go, as follows:
$arrNames = Array('Joe',
foreach ($arrNames as $strName)
echo $strName . '< br>' ;
As you already can see, the output of this program would be thenames in $arrNames printed with each name on a separate line.

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