PHP Security

Jun 15, 2009 Author: GDchart-Master

Ben Parker once advised his young nephew Peter, whose super-hero alter ego is
Spider-man, that “with great power comes great responsibility.” So it is with security
in PHP applications. PHP provides a rich toolset with immense power—some have
argued that it is perhaps too much power—and this power, when used with careful
attention to detail, allows for the creation of complex and robust applications. Without
this attention to detail, though, malicious users can use PHP’s power to their
advantage, attacking applications in a variety of ways. This chapter examines some
of these attack vectors, providing you with the means to mitigate and even eliminate
most attacks.
It is important to understand that we do not expect this chapter to provide an
exhaustive coverage of all the security topics that PHP developers must be aware
of. This is, as we mentioned in the foreword, true of all chapters in this book, but
we think it’s worth a reminder because of the potentially serious consequences of
security-related bugs.

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