PHP online registrations for cars

Feb 26, 2011 Author: Dusan

This is small not so confusing php script for online registration for cars. There is no database in the script and it just echo the result you write in the empty text field.

<html><head><title>Online registration for cars</title>
<form action="formular.php" method="post">
Please enter your name
<input type="text" name = "name" size="50">   
Please choose your model <input type="radio" name="model" value="PHP334">PHP334 <input type="radio" name="model" value="PHP555">PHP555
Please enter you serial number <input type="text" name="s_number" size="30"><br> <input type="submit" name="Send">
</body> </html>



    $name = $_POST ['name'];
    $model = $_POST ['model'];
    $s_number = $_POST ['s_number'];
    if ($name != null){
        echo ("Thank you for your registration, $name 
"); } if (($model != null) && ($s_number != null)) { $message = "Your registration car, model $model, with number $s_number, was successfuly registrated"; echo ($message); } ?> </body> </html>

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arun n mani
March 6,2011 at 16:28:49
onnumilla parayan