MYSQL import Database from UTF-8 file

Jan 17, 2009 Author: MYSQL Expert

We need to restore our backup we can do that with phpmyadmin, but there is big problem

beacuse default upload file must be 2 mb .

We have two soluotions to slove that problem.

1st solution is to edit php.ini and chage upload limit.

To do that we must reastart apache .

That is not very good solution beacuse we will chage global setings on our server .

Better  solution is to import our base from  console:

databse name = testbase

sql file = testbase.sql

host = localhost

user = test

password = we don't have password on that database

This is the the console command to inmport database with encoding command:

mysql -u test -p -h localhost --default_character_set utf8 testbase < test_base.sql






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