MailBee WebMail

Nov 09, 2008 Author: vvaswani

MailBee WebMail PHP is a web based mail client built as a set of PHP scripts. MailBee WebMail PHP allows users to access their local or remote e-mail accounts directly from web browser. MailBee WebMail PHP allows receiving and sending email messages via POP3 and SMTP protocols respectively through both local and remote mail servers. MailBee WebMail PHP is shipped as source code, what allows you to use it "as-is" or modify the scripts to suit your needs. MailBee WebMail PHP features: * Both AJAX and classic HTML user interface modes * Receives and Sends mails from/to local and remote POP3/SMTP servers * Reply, Reply All & Forward functions * Deleting messages * Saves messages to disk * Printing a message from web-browser * Can View and Download files attached to a message * Can Display RFC-822 headers * Both Plain Text and HTML-formatted messages are displayed * WebMail PHP Administration via web interface * Source code can be easily modified * Minimal system requirements (Database engine is not required, any mail server can be used) * Multi-lingual interface (can be easily translated to another languages) * International charsets support * Timezone offset specification

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