Instalation of Apache server on windows

Jan 31, 2012 Author: dev99

Apache is one of the most spreaded web servers in the world, who is working on 56% from the web servers.

It can be free downloaded from or from some of his mirror sites. Download the version for Windows- probably will be ": apache_2.2.14-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi". Click two times on the file who was downloaded. On the window "Server Information" write on this way:

1. In the field "Network Domain"- write the name on the network domain, for example

 2. In the field "Server Name"- write the name of the server, for example, or localhost, if you want to use the software on your local computer.

3. In the field "Administrator`s Email address"- write your email address.

 4. Click the button "for all Users, on port 80, as a Service-- Recommended"

Next, you will select Typical Type (the type of the instalation),and destination folder, where would you like to place the Apache server.

 And that`s it, now you have Apache server.

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Arun allwyn
August 7,2011 at 00:39:51
it will very useful for me.I want this,for to learn manythings from the sites.