How To Choose A Successful Freelancer Nickname?

Nov 06, 2010 Author: Dr_ViRuS

Searching the internet I found a pretty good text for the importance of the nickname in the online freelance jobs. I want to share with you hope it will help for future projects.

In order to get yourself known on freelancing markets, what you need is a seller profile. It is best that your profile is as complete as possible, because it will act as a recommendation card for all the buyers that will show interest in you, from the moment you place a bid on one of their projects.

I will not talk here about all the aspects of a great profile - meaning a profile that can bring you good projects, and money, as a consequence. But I will focus on the unique aspect of your nickname.

Your nickname is the first thing that the buyers see when you place a bid, before anything else. It is like a first flag in an obstacle competition, so it is advisable to make a good impression right from the start. Here is a short crash course on how to choose a successful freelancer nickname.

First rule: Simple means beautiful. When you start thinking: “What nickname should I choose?”, avoid any complicated nicknames, composed of random letters and numbers. Avoid, by any means, this type of nicknames. They are hard to remember, they do not say anything about you, and they even prove a lack of professionalism that will do nothing good for your record. Freelancing sites are not mIRC channels, where something like ender2345 might bring some attention from some random visitors.

Second rule: Be smart about choosing your nickname. Your nickname has to be meaningful, if you want to catch any fish with it. Spend a little time to find something that will convince buyers to throw a look at your complete profile. You must approach this issue as a marketing campaign, where your nickname is the catchy title. If you squeeze your brain too much, and nothing comes out, don?t worry, there are other solutions, so read further.

Third rule: Focus on your areas of expertise. If there is something that you think you are best at, do not hesitate to let buyers know that. Include it in your nickname, and you will be able to draw the attention of those buyers that can award you projects involving what you know well. This is an easy solution.

Fourth rule: If nothing of the above apply very well to your situation, whether you have too many areas of expertise, or you could not think of something catchy enough, there is always the most handy solution: start from your name. If you choose a nickname which is exactly your real name, this will also be appreciated. It may not be the best solution, but it proves professionalism and it can be remembered easier.

So I gave you all the ingredients for making up a nickname. Remember these ingredients: professionalism, simplicity and smartness. If they all converge in your nickname, then there you have it: your bid winning nickname.

Of course, you should not stop here. What you know is the most important thing when taking projects and completing them to the customer?s specifications. But having a good start always helps a great deal.

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