How the World Wide Web works

Jun 14, 2009 Author: City Hall

It’s helpful to understand a little about how the
World Wide Web (WWW) works. The Web is a
network of computers that offer Web pages.

Millions of Web sites are on the Web. To enable
Web surfers to find the Web sites they want to
visit, each Web page has an address, called a
URL. This includes the Web site’s domain name
and the filename, such as www.mycompany.
com/welcome.html. When Web surfers want
to visit a Web page, they type the URL into their
Web browsers. The following process is set in
1. The Web browser sends a message out
onto the Web, requesting the Web page.
2. The message is sent to the computer at the
address specified in the URL.
3. The Web server software on the addressed
computer receives the message.
4. The Web server searches for the requested
HTML file.
5. The Web server finds the requested file and
sends the file to the Web browser that
requested it. (If it can’t find the file, it sends
a message to the browser saying that it
couldn’t find the file.)
6. The Web browser displays the Web page
based on the HTML code it received.

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