How to solve JFolder::create: Could not create directory

One of most common headache when you deploying from local version joomla to production server is : JFolder::create: Could not create directory So from where is coming this problem?

Truncate text when reach max chars allowed

Aug 08, 2009 Author: Dr_ViRuS
In this tutorial I will show you one simple method how to cut long texts. This method is really simple. Method parameters

Using PHP for Web applications

Jun 14, 2009 Author: Developer
In the beginning, Web pages were static they just presented documents.Users went to Web sites to read information. Documents were linked togetherso that users could easily find the information they sought,…

Using while with a Counter

Oct 06, 2009 Author: strumica
A counter is used to associate a number with each execution of a loop. Mostof the time, this number simply increments from 0 or 1 to higher valuesuntil the loop finishes.