How to solve JFolder::create: Could not create directory

One of most common headache when you deploying from local version joomla to production server is : JFolder::create: Could not create directory So from where is coming this problem?

PHP GD How to center a text on an image using GD

Dec 10, 2008 Author: christina
This is a snippet which centers a text on an image using the GD Library. First, we create the image using the ImageCreate() function. Here we set the width & height.

Using PHP with your file system

Jun 14, 2009 Author: LinuxAdmin
PHP can interact with your file system the directories and files that are onyour local hard disk or on other computers accessible over a network. PHP canwrite into a file on your file system, creating…

PHP Checking to See If a Users Browser Accepts Cookies

Dec 06, 2009 Author: dev99
To see if a browser accepts cookies, you must check in two distinct steps, in two distinct web requests. The client's browser must make two requests because the browser sets a cookie only when it gets…