How to solve JFolder::create: Could not create directory

One of most common headache when you deploying from local version joomla to production server is : JFolder::create: Could not create directory So from where is coming this problem?


Jun 14, 2009 Author: Developer
PHP makes it very easy to handle data sent using either POST or GET. However, thisdoesn't mean that you should choose one or the other at random.

Running PHP on the Command Line part I

Aug 11, 2009 Author: Developer
Although PHP was conceived as a tool for creating dynamic web pages, because the PHP language is very powerful, it has also become popular for writing command scripts and even desktop programs.

chop() - string function

Sep 06, 2010 Author: SEO
The chop() function will remove a white space or other predefined character from the right end of a string.